Why do I need a permanent internet connection?

Why is a permanent internet connection required to play this game?
I do not get it. Is it because of chat messages within my guild? I do not believe so...
Any ideas?


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    I could be wrong about this but I think it is because the actual account that you play in when you play this game is housed on a server and not your phone/tablet.
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    You have it spot on about the guild chat, an interactive game requires Internet
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    ray said:

    You have it spot on about the guild chat, an interactive game requires Internet

    @ray But this would also mean, if I am in no guild, no permanent internet connection is needed anymore. Honestly, the game is not that interactive as a permanent internet connection is needed to sync chat messages. No member of a guild would suffer, if the message will not be transmitted in real time. Besides that, if you are not in the guild chat window, you even not get notified about new messages. To me, this can not be the reason for the permanent internet connection.

    @DarkFae This makes more sence to me but I wonder why such a decision was taken by the development team. At least for me, this reduces my fun of the game.
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    I'm sorry to hear that DaFae86 :( I really enjoy this game personally. Hopefully I'm wrong on this and their is another more fixable reason for the permanent Internet connection nessesity atm.
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    They needed permanent internet connection so that when you use a radio, you cannot undo what you get by restarting the game or by turning off internet connection..
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    Everything you do is synced with their severs. Placement of survivors in maps per mission, time left with regenerating gas, resources saved, EVERYTHING. This is why constant net is needed. It also helps avoid packet sniffers/editors, and client side hacks that plague other mobile games. If it weren't for the Internet requirement, I'm sure people would have figured out how to mod max gold, xp, levels, ketchup, damage, range, etc.
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    your explanation sounds like the most plausible one so far and LOL@Ketchup! I always thought those supplies were tomato soup. I don't know what's worse a walker apocalypse or having to live on a diet of ketchup alone :D
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    Spot on. Client side hacks are a real issue. We like to keep your game safe, and the only way to do that is to sync everything with the server. Additionally, we really believe in playing with others, and obviously that requires a connection.

    That said, we do agree that it would be nice if you could be for short periods without a connection, for example when commuting, or if your wifi drops for a moment. No promises there, we'll let you know if there's something we can do about that.

    We just call em "tomatoes".
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    Ok, that sounds like a reasonable explanation :-) Thanks
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