What's after Episode 12?

Will the season be over? And if the developers make the next season, do we need to start everything all over again and do the stuff we invested in (gold, BP, survivors/their lvls, weapons and armors, etc.) not carry over to the next?


  • TK-421
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    There's more episodes being developed as I type this! We're also working on a future update that will allow you to replay all the levels on a harder difficulty, and possibly also on Deadly...
  • shAd
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    Woah! The difficult of the campaign missions is much higher than a normal deadly mission. Please keep that in mind if you adjust the rewards ;-)

    @tk421: had opened a support request on october 26 (via three fingers ingame). I got no answer yet. Can you help me. At least a: "we are sorry but we cannot help you" were nice. Thank you.
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