Update 1.3 is available now - go get it!

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New here? Download the update here: http://getnomansland.com

This is the very first update for No Man’s Land! We’ve made a number of improvements to the game, including multiple UI and gameplay improvements. But the main addition in this update is the Radio Tent. Many of you have been asking for more clarity on how to find Epic and Legendary survivors. With the Radio Tent we’ve tried to make this as clear as possible:

Radio Tent

On top of that, we’ve added two new weekly challenge maps: Terminus and Town. These will be added to the rotation, starting with the Terminus map. So make sure you join a guild now and get involved.

Daily Quests

Don’t miss the Daily Quests in the achievements tab. Every day you will have the option of completing 3 daily quests - a new one will spawn every day - and you have the option of removing a quest you don’t want to complete and replacing it with another.

We’ve also added a new, bigger and tougher walker for you to play with. There’s also some new walker behavior that you’ll have to watch out for.

Aside from that, we’ve included a whole range of under-the-hood performance improvements - too many to mention here!

Let us know what you think, we’re happy to hear your feedback for this update and suggestions for future updates.


Full list of improvements here:

New features:
- Daily Quests in the Achievements menu.
- Language selection. We now support English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese
- Game credits!
- Challenge episode 2 (Terminus)
- Challenge episode 3 (Town)
- Radio phone bundles - buy more radio phones if you can't find them fast enough.
- Control the rarity of survivors found by building a radio tower. Spend more phones in one go for improved chances of getting a rare survivor.
- More tutorials for early features (charge abilities, deadly missions, changing and upgrading equipment, exploration missions).
- Exploration missions now split between supplies, experience points, equipment. Choose what you need!
- Share pictures of your best survivors and gear on social media.

- Rewards screen now highlights reward rarity.

- Overwatch: there was a bug that caused Overwatch to randomly interrupt walkers. The standard Overwatch now only deals damage - it no longer interrupts the target's actions.
- New Trait: Interruptor: Ranged weapons with this trait have a 50/75/100% chance of interrupting the target. Interrupted targets will cease all actions immediately upon getting shot at.

- Missions: Plenty of balancing and bug fixes.
- General stabilization improvements. Reconnect logic fixes; should be more stable connection
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