MELEE Disadvantaged and Needs Buff

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Because of Dodge, melee needs to have higher damage than ranged shooters for hits that land and an additional armor buff for scout, warrior and bruiser

This is a structural disadvantage


  • Sipher07
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    Almost like automatic critical for hits that land
    And a 50pct health buff for scout warrior and bruiser
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    Are you aware that you can edit your posts in case you forgot to include something? If you click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of a post, you can select edit. That way it doesn't look like you're talking to yourself. ;)
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    edited June 2016

    I agree with you on that.
  • DLich
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    I think bruisers and scouts are fine.

    Because typically whenever they give one class a buff they give another class a nerf.

    Let's all tell NG how we love the scout and bruiser class so they don't affect our ranged classes :wink:

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  • Sipher07
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    level 21 shooter/hunter way more useful than level 21 warrior now
  • theRealBender
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    I think Sipher07's attacks on defenders and Freemen are getting dodged or something. Sucks when you expect Lucille to do some punishing but she gets dodged instead!
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