Forum Issue - Can't change email address

ybot Member Posts: 4
So when I registered, I accidentally mistyped my email address (this was easy to do since there is no confirmation field for email address).

Now I am trying to change it to my correct email address so I may receive the confirmation email, but all I can seem to access is my account preferences, and there is no option to update my email address. Any help?


  • ybot
    ybot Member Posts: 4
    Can anyone help?
  • masmith93
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    You should be able to update your email address by click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner (PC) or by clicking on your forum user name and then edit profile (mobile).

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  • Mightyhercules
    Mightyhercules Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem than ybot and I did what masmith suggested but I don’t have a edit profile. Please help, I entered my new email but forgot to add a #. Can’t get confirmation email because mail is wrong.