RADIO EVENT getting higher survivors

Is it still wise to save up radio's? When can we expect the radio event, when you get higher and better survivors?

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  • SlickRick
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    It's a judgment call from each individual whether to save them or not...I always keep 450 at minimum for a future event and then spend them 15 at a time beyond will in theory get far more tokens during a radio event

    The mods will not less us know weeks in advance on events...we only find out about them one week at a time so there is no way to know if and when the next one will be

    Best wishes!
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  • DLich
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    @SlickRick had the right method.

    @Edwin although we don't ofgicialky find out the weekends event until Thursday afternoon the content creators in the video thread post Wednesday's.

    This weekend is 1/2 hospital times. If you're not in a rush to spend radios, wait until next Wednesday for when they release the following weekends event and decide if you wanna spend them.

    Thanks to @SlickRick that's my method. Spend ratios if I need after I know what the weekend event is.

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  • Edwin
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    Thx! Hope event will come soon. hoping I ghopingt a formal response to be sure ;-)
  • Edwin
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    Stupid auto correct function
  • masmith93
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    If you're hoping for a formal response from NG, I would be *shocked* if you got one.
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  • SpacemanSpiff
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    I think @SlickRick advice is solid.

    But I personally take a different approach: I like to blow all my radios whenevers, and if get useless survivors then I at least accumulate tokens. Then when radio/legendary event comes around, I get all bummed out initially that I blew my radios. But then I come on Forums and read the thousand threads of disappointment about the event, and then I feel like "ok, maybe it was alright using those radios earlier"

    Not saying I would recommend this approach or anything, lol