Found the point to Daryl

dwen Member Posts: 24
I started a new game and Daryl is actually pretty cool, you get a hunter way earlier than previously possible, and he's rasily upgradable.

On my real team I'd delete his ass for xp. If i was Norman Reedus I'd be pissed at the joke that this toon is.

I was ready to fire up the boosts just before the update hit, i had a lot of gear I needed to upgrade for my 19s. I would like to thank you guys for saving me that cash. I haven't spent anything since. I saw a $3.99 bundle with 30 phones and something like 500 gold that I'd typically have jumped on, but with the overvaluing of phones this update created I'm going to vote with my wallet here, if the next update does not have something spectacular I'll be out.

This is the jump tje shark update for me.