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I have discussed lots of things on this forum, talked to lots of great people! This is a forum about the game, & I know it is a way to communicate . I live in Rowlett Tx, & tornados destroyed part of my town dec 26, actually I was playing this game when it hit, my family is ok, no damage here. Others not so lucky. As a community of people, forum, prayers r needed for my community! Thank You, Annette578


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    @Annette578, I'll be sending my prayers. The main thing is that everyone's ok. While this game provides a few hours of distraction. RL is more important. If you need take a break and come back when things are settled, we will still be here!
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    Thanks for the prayers! We need them! We have a strong community, good ppl, but lots of families were hit hard, especially the day after Christmas! I know this is a game forum, but we r still just people. All thoughts & prayers are appreciated ! Your feedback is important ! TY so much!
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    We have flooding here in UK but nothing compared to that. Thoughts with all the affected families, hopefully everyone can get the help and support they need.
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    thank you for your kindness. We are strong, & will make it! Lot of families affected from this, only 1 day after Christmas ! So much destruction, looks like a war zone! This is so crazy in Dec! Usually in spring & summer! Again TY so much!
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    @Annette578 hoping your community names a strong recovery, glad you were safe during the terrible storms. @TexasGrimReaper hope you also stayed safe.
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    Thank you everyone in this forum that have sent your support for our community! Like I said, I know this is a game forum, but we are also people, with lives. Many have lost everything, only 1 day after Christmas! We are a strong community, with caring people, & will come out strong. I appreciate all the post that have us in your thoughts! TY! TY!
    Annette578. From Rowlett, tx
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    Like I said before Im so glad you and your family are okay. This is the absolute worst time of year for such a disaster to strike. My thoughts and prayers will be for your community.


    Im sorry to hear about the UK as well. I hope you and yours see your way through safely as well.
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    @Annette578 You and your community are in my thoughts and prayers.

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    We need you! We want you!
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    I feel for you. I know how it is. Im in the south east corner of OK. Good luck
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    Thank You, I am originally from Wichita Falls, Tx, so we have been through many tornados in my lifetime. Their destruction is never something you can get used to, but it will bring out the best in people! We are survivors, just like the ones we play in the games. Thank You forum buddies everywhere !
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    Hope and thoughts for you and your community.
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    Thank you, we appreciate that! It's a mess here & now turned cold & wet!
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