Finnish Wednesday finished

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It's been 1 week since the release of 2.0 & about a month since "rebalancing" $PURCHASED$ items.
Everyday I log into forums expecting a General Announcement with a formal apology, a remedy, & a promise to never do it again and still nothing.
@Shadowkeeper I did however see your buried replies & marginally frustrated responses and imagine that you are smh saying "We did do (something like) that! Why are they still picking on us?"

Here's why: what's preventing you from doing it again? After each update are we expected to check the attributes of our gear? Is it up to the buyers to keep checking that they still have what they paid for last month?

The breach of trust is massive & deserves more than a buried response. The response the forum (and only forum users) received was that 1) thx for noticing the massive FRAUD we pulled over on you; 2) submit a trouble ticket (but we're a bit backlogged right now), and 3) stop talking about it because we already said "sorry, our bad"

Can you see that this isn't enough to win back consumer confidence? Forum threads go away with time. The General Announcements (at least for now) don't.

Also, what about players that don't obsessively read the forum threads? Is it ok to defraud them? The NG response clearly indicates that it's fine by you if players don't notice (or take the time to complain) when you replace their V8 engine with a V6 in the middle of the night. I for one wouldn't notice! I'd think to myself "wow, I kinda thought my V8 engine was more powerful than this. It seemed zippier last week. Oh well, maybe I just need to switch over to high octane gas or something. " it would never occur to me to look under the hood & see whether or not NG put a V6 engine in during the middle of the night! And actually even if i did look i wouldn't notice because I'm not a numbers gal. As a consumer, I have to rely on trust, and NG seems to feel that it's an acceptable business practice to adjust the power of things already purchased!

Those equipment bundles I've been waiting patiently for will not be purchased because NG no longer has my confidence that the company knows that fraud is indeed a bad business practice

Finnish Wednesday is finished and my wallet is still closed.


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    Here, here, MizTy!! The no $ and no video watching strike continues.
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    And just because Californian Wednesday is now finished as well...

    @Shadowkeeper @Teeceezy If you say (buried way back in a convoluted thread somewhere out there) things are being discussed, why aren't you using your own forum to do it? Create a thread! Post a poll! Write a General Announcement!
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    I'll just add that the pattern the last few updates have forced us to warn our guild to take screenshots of their survivors , camps , and even weapons before maintenance to make sure they have evidence if things are nerfed, taken away, or adjusted without our knowledge. We should not have to do that , while our game possessions are virtual , they are still possessions and we have worked hard to have what we do in game. Thank you for posting this @MizTy
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    Yes! Thank you for adding that @Japes87