Working Together To Repair The Game...NML Guild Council Intent

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All NML players and forum users:

We wanted to let all of you know that a large group of guilds has come together to form the NML Guild Council. This was formed in response to the latest update as many of us have lost good friends/guild members/players and are very upset with the changes put forth by NG in this latest update.

Our goals:
o Communicate with the mods/staff in an attempt to open more/better/constructive dialogue about these and future issues
o Fix the token economy and structure
o XP tent changes
o Find a solution to Lower level challenge grinding
o Find positive solutions for the future that work for NG and the players

I’m sure many of us have many other issues that we want addressed but we’re trying to approach this within reason.

We feel the players are what truly make this game great and would like NG to allow us a voice on behalf of the players.

We know many of you are just as frustrated as we are…we are doing this on behalf of ALL players. We have all recommended to our guilds that they either stop spending or try to limit spending, in addition also stop watching all video advertising. Many of you are already participating in this effort - Thank you! We appreciate the unity the forum and player base as shown in response to the latest changes.

We have heard back from the mods briefly but feel this is the best next step to try and get their attention - in addition to those that have stopped or limited spending or already made their thoughts felt here. We welcome any and all support from any other guilds and players that would like to support us with these changes.

We are motivated by our love of this game and the people that we play with, we ask that NG work directly with us to implement positive changes. We hope NG can realize that a passionate player base is what makes this game great! And thank you @Teeceezy and NG for acknowledging us and our efforts!!

NML Guild Council

Guilds represented:
Asylum (4 guilds/80 players)
Blackjack n Beef (20 players)
Breaking Deads (3 guilds/60 players)
Carols Elite (2 guilds/40 players)
DeadFamily (4 guilds/80 players)
DeadStalkers (6 guilds/120 players)
Defiance (9 guilds/180 players)
DTP (5 guilds/102 players)
DMZ (20 players)
Erebus (20 players)
Erebus2 (20 players)
FearTheCrew (20 players)
FearTheDead (20 players)
Forsaken (3 guilds/60 players)
French Squad (3 guilds/57 players)
Funny Farm (20 players)
German Fighters (3 guilds/50 players)
Glennstilllives (20 players)
Global Amazing (20 players)
GOA (2 guilds/30 players)
Greek Hunters (20 players)
Jellybeanz (20 players)
Legionaiires (2 guilds/34 players)
Lucilles Fury (20 players)
Lucilles Wrath (20 players)
No Surrender (20 players)
PNW Survivors (20 players)
PokerNPorkchop (19 players)
Retribution (2 guilds/35 players)
RickRollers (4 guilds/80 players)
Sisters of Carol (20 players)
Sisters of Daryl (20 players)
Sisters of Negan (20 players)
The Cure Family (4 guilds/80 players)
The Eh Family (9 guilds/180 players)
The Lost Slayers (2 guilds/40 players)
The One Force (2 guilds/28 players)
The Watch Tower (14 guilds/270 players)
TWD Team Up (20 players)
Ultima Legione (6 guilds/120 players)
Whiskey Bandits (20 players)
Zombie AAA Slay (18 players)
ZombieBreath (20 players)
Zombie Bruisers (20 players)
Zombie420 (20 players)
75th Rangers (20 players)

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  • morganchloe90
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    Working and standing together to get the action we deserve!
    Dead Stalkers
  • csmith5390
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    Thank you NML Guild Council!!! You guys are awesome! I hope we can all make a difference.
    Join TWD - Team Up
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    @SlickRick May I join your Council? I just joined the EH family

    Probably making a video!

    My Youtube Channel:
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    edited July 2016
    @SlickRick I don't need to be in council to help the cause.
    First steps to make game better and fun as it used to be.
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  • RickGrames
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    @SlickRick , you know, I'm a promoter of this.

    my full respect and support.
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  • Heisenberg
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    Actions speak louder than words....proud to member of this group. We love the game, and want to make it fun again.

  • Amiga
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    Even my favourite included
    o XP tent changes
    o Find a solution to Lower level challenge grinding

    Well done!!
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  • chicamoreno
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    As a member of The Funny Farm, a branch of asylum , we are in support! Fair Play for a fair price
    SlickRickAnnette578DeadBeatant[Deleted User]DLHggbatsdachsurferliannalwilbert
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