GRAVEYARD OF DEPARTED PLAYERS - for whatever reason....



  • rgerkman
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    You ( @jester ) & @SlickRick not commenting on the Forums even 10% of what you guys use to is all very sad :cry:
    You are missed!!
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    I too may be adding myself to the list of departed.

    I am level 55, there isn't anything I haven't managed to do with the game but as far as I am concerned things are going backwards. This challenge is tedious and boring, bringing together the worst challenge of every set I can possibly remember. Together with the seeming end of ICOEAL phone event I think I've had enough. Not everyone bought into the heroes events, especially with the known bugs and known improvements to be coming. Ending up with thousands of radios and the same survivors I've had for months is boring. Yes I could have spent them but seeing the videos of people burning through theirs during so called event means I'd rather cremate my phone than spend my time getting continually kicked in the nuts by spinning bloody cards.
  • SynapseRanger
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    Imprisoned by the Pokemans.
    rip in pieces.
    Good luck, dumbass
  • SgtSalami
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    wow gaga left...what were the reasons for all of these leaving @Julialicious
  • tammy
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    Maybe their meat attire was attracting unwelcome attention :smiley:

    Lol I just wrote a sentence with triple double Ts

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    SgtSalami said:

    wow gaga left...what were the reasons for all of these leaving @Julialicious

    most of them need a break of the "low level grinding shit"! - that are at least their words ;)

    Our lovely Esther Grimes (Top 30 worldwide) left us, too. - but she will come back if NG comes back to us with great new content like new episodes, finally better bundles, better token system and so on ... we still hoping that everything will become good with the 2.2 update in october.

    And what is with Gaga? yeah, you will find her here:

    Best regards ;)o:)
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  • SgtSalami
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    Yeah, I am with them. Burnt and ground out from the burning grind.....
  • [Deleted User]
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    #RIP my friends!

    Dirty B
    Light Bringer
    Master C

    I miss you! Xox
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    @jester @masmith93 wow @darkfae deleted her account here...that's a shame...
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    Yes, it really is.
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  • TheLostOnes
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    RIP @darkfae whereever you are
    I imagine her playing on a sunflower field with @bgbelden
    I'm lost.

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  • Boruto
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    Sad to see those great players leave. I'm still typing here so cheers people.
  • Gaga
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    I have the right to be buried on a cheater free cemetery.

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  • Neil_J
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    @darkfae has left?
    Nooooooooooooo :'(
    That's the wrong side of wrong!
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  • nickc25
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    Think I might be added to this, new update has slowed the game down, no point raiding and maxed out on stars
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  • MizTy
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    .... :(
  • BowChickaWow
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    Bow Chicka wow. Level 55 retired. Too bored with the same old grind. If next update improves the game I'll be back
  • THE_Wolf
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    NML has truly become a NO MAN'S NextGames transformed it into Soccer Mom's Land.
    I miss the many hardcore Outpost adversaries who have moved onto happier and bloodier hunting grounds.
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    Just a bump to make sure this thread isn't getting older then 30days without comments.
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    Why would a forum about a zombie based game worry about nercomancy? Doesn't seem to make sense...
  • jota
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    I'm sticking around just to play the new episode challenges and I'll be contributing to my guild weekly but I'm not impressed and not really eager to get back to the oblivious grinding and pointless upgrading.
  • GrimGael
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    My guild is me and a friend I can call or chat with irl. In fact tonight is rapier practice, so I'm going to go personally stab him in the face(mask) and work out some of the disappointment from this game. They can stick their phones this week. I think he will agree, if not, I'll stab him again.
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