Is Anyone Else Having Problems Still With The Watch A Video Option

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The option to watch a video to get 3 more chest unlocks has been very inconsistent for me for at least 2 if not 3 weeks. Didn't it used to give you the option 4 times every 6 or 8 hours? I'm getting the option about 2 times every 24 hours based on the last 5 days.


  • masmith93
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    This has been an unanswered complaint for several months.
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  • Shut_Up
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    @masmith93 Yeah I guess I was just being a silly dreamer with high aspirations that maybe with this weekend event being a sign that they fixed the problem and maybe I missed the boat. So to be a little more accurate has anyone having the problem gotten a fix or response from support if they sent in a ticket or know anything to improve the situation? Basically any new info on yet another broken feature that fails to be fixed before moving forward.
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    I find that going to the cinema directly and viewing at least one video sometimes helps to get them to show up on the reward page again after I finish the next challenge/story/explore mission.
  • Vudnik
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    It's been this way for over two months. They toned it down about the same time they truncated radio deliveries. Remember, its not about what they can give us, it's all about what they can take away! (As though we hadn't noticed - lmfao!)
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    @Shut_Up To be more specific, yes. From game start until about 60 days ago, in my waking hours, I'd see 4 rounds of 4 ads. I haven't been watching ads for a few weeks but I did today just to test their awesome (sarcasm) weekend event. They are still at two rounds of 3 or 4 ads. Btw... Has anyone noticed that there has been NO change to silver or gold crate deliveries?

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