Don't you just hate it...

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...when you open a Gold Crate to reveal a lvl19 Legendary Assault rifle, your eyes go wide with excitement, then you look at the traits to see...

No Wide Range trait. Not even Silver. I mean, the Interrupt is great; heck, even Silenced can come in handy for Story Missions, but without the Wide Range, is it even worth it to upgrade this weapon??

My other option is this:

Silver range, but it's Rare and may not be worth it.

Currently I have only 1 Assault, and he has a Level 20 Legendary weapon with Gold Range and Gold Interrupt. The Range aspect is HUGE to me. I use it all the damn time. I feel like it'd be a downgrade to give him anything BUT Gold Range/Gold Interrupt, even if it's a higher-powered weapon...

What do you guys think? Should I bother with upgrading either of these? One? Both?? It hurts my heart to see this Gold Beauty in my inventory with everything but that one ultra-helpful trait...


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    No wide spread no use
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    I can feel your pain!

    I level golden stuff only, rarely epics once the traits are awesome. I dont upgrade any assault or warriors weapon that doesnt have golden range trait. Play these with lower level weapons instead of missing this benefit.

    I would try to keep playing with the low lv weapons aus long as possible, keep the new ones and if nothing better comes along I would ask myself that question again!

    Sorry this might not be helpfull!


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    If you have no other weapon to upgrade and you are using gas boost/2X XP, then I would upgrade it just to use it as a 50% XP "bank." That means I would scrap it later and get 50% of the XP (and keep you XP storage from maxing out). In the meantime, it might be handy as an Outpost defense weapon.
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    @Governator Yeah, not a bad point.
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    What about this for 7500tg, is not the only waste of tg, by the way is better then upgrade rare level 19 base weapon but in the mean time (after 4 armour), got warrior parang with silver trait so assault rifle can wait..
    I'm at level 54 tomorrow, when is supposed get level 19 base from tg shop?
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    What the developers should do is let me trade you 7500 tg for that beatiful weapon. Man I'm getting an e** crap, must. mind. my. words.
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    Which one?

    They pop up from trade crates after completing all nightmare episode, so useless now, I prefer training all my crew to level 19 before. Level 21 is enough against challenges enemies, gas cost will stop you before weapon will ineffective against walkers, not against free men, is always effective. Got 75 starts from single mission whit free gas event.
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    I'd trade for the gold one in the middle lvl 18. :)
    Finishing nightmare huh, not any time soon for me. And hopefully by the time I get to episode 14 nightmare Next will have rolled out new episodes and/or other content.

    Having nothing to do sounds like major boring crap (< Matrix quote right there).
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    I haven't seen the widespread trait for some time. That silent trait is common now, and it does not function at all.
    I guess it is all working as intended.
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    Center gold one. After upgrading the silver interrupt (good trait), the cone is 45 degrees. Nice.