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I saw a recent (against the Rules?!) thread on "PurpleSticks" where ppl were commenting on phone issues (heat, battery drain, etc) while playing NML. I have Android & have those issues as well. Then one of my in game ads was for "Clean Master," an ap that would help with those issues. Has anyone used these kinds of aps to improve NML performance? Do they work?


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    Good question!!
    I've wondered this too!!!
    Where (or Who?) is "our" Geek Squad!?!?
    :wink: :grimace:
    There Are No Such Things As Stupid Questions.!!
    There Are However.. Plenty of Stupid Answers!!

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    @Misty, I have that suite of apps on my Galaxy S6. I got it to clean junk files and to do security sweeps. It also can put to "sleep" those apps that run in the background. But there is some bad with the good. It (Clean Master) is always offering other apps and games to try. I find this annoying but deal with it.

    Now as far as your question specifically enhancing battery life, I'm not sure. It seems to help, but probably not nearly as much as one would hope. Sorry that I couldn't give you a more definitive answer.
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    @MizTy I've used clean sweeper.
    1) it's another app using my memory
    2) it only does the same thing I can do myself by clearing my task manager and cleaning my cache.
    3) uninstalled
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    Yeah, I would not worry about apps like that.
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    They are useless. Period.
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    Thx everyone for your input. Much appreciated
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    Get a Freez-pak of some sort, freeze it, wrap it in a towel, put your phone on top of it, and play. It keeps the phone cool.

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    @Dale I wish I could give you a double-Like for your 'self-help-mom's-homemade-remedy' approach, lol :smiley:
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    I use Malwarebytes on my tab.

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    edited September 2016
    @SpacemanSpiff -- Thank you! I think they call these "life hacks".

    I have a larger, thin, flat version that I use under my laptop. The fan never even needs to turn on. The trick is having a towel to absorb any condensation. Electronic stuff doesn't like condensation.
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    I think such programs should help the phone work faster and more efficiently! I would like someone to help me find a good device that will clean my house the same way this app cleans my phone! Does anyone know of one?