Update 2.1

Enough is enough...NG something has to be done about the vest nerf. I'm tired of raiding players especially those of a lower level and having an impossible time to defeat their Defenders because they have a vest that gives them the ability to dodge bullets and avoid stuns 7 times in a row. The last time that I checked they couldn't do that in The Walking Dead. You put a Nerf on snipers and shooter weapons. So basically you're giving Noobs and weak level players a handicap to defend themselves against strong players who have invested time, patience, and money and have worked and earned their elite survivors.
The other issue is with the update 2.1 that has currently effected raids by taking away the spawns for defending walkers and having them spawn after the gate and alarm have been sound. At what point during the trial of creating the update did it make any logical or rational sense to take the ability away from raiders to charge up their special abilities so they have a fighting chance against defenders. This update also took away the convenient option to get Legendary, Epic and Rare equipment with your trade goods at any time which is 99.9% of the reason why I decided to continue to play the game after NG Nerfed snipers and shooter weapons as well as a few other downers. I have been a paying customer for over a year now and haven't complained once except for this occasion. I have to say I am not happy with the inconvenience of your service. Bring back the Retro reliable convenient options that you had available in the past. Trust me they were a 1000× better. If not I'm afraid I would have to take mine and my 200 plus other associates that I have introduced the game to business else. That being said I hope you do the right thing by honoring your customer's request for a better convenience and making them happy. After all isn't that what true customer service really is ?


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