Defensive Stance

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Does Defensive Stance add to a survivor's protection while opening a gate?


  • Amazayn
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    @MizTy no because it already consumed 2AP and cant move or see whats going on behind you while you try to open the gate for x turns.
  • Shteevie
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    Good question! I will have to ask a code engineer about this. Whatever the answer is, we probably won't have time to change it for 2.2.
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    @Shteevie thx for the quick reply

    ^^^ I wrote that a month ago. Lol

    Plz move to suggestions. I think defensive stance should work on Eugene... I mean the one who has the lock picking skills... The survivor opening the gate

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    lol @MizTy .... Now I can't wait until they give us Eugene as a hero with the special trait of unlocking gates quicker. Sadly, that trait will probably be more useful than many of the current traits. As long as he also had a "Groin Biting" animation, I would use him every mission.