false indication stars

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When you're in the game just before the start of the challenge, the old stars are all players in the guild displayed. Going directly to the start of the challenge to show the guild when the stars have been reset, sometimes even standing at a itself the star of the old challenge, all other 19 players have 0 stars. I go then take turns to camp and guild until with me 0 star stands and then I begins with the challenge. But if you start when 19 players 0 stars stand and still the star of the final challenge are shown for themselves, there seems to be a problem.

I`m leader "breking Deads". Yesterday our team 2 "BrakingDeads 2" happened. A player ("The Grave") has started, as with him the 280 stars of the last challenge were shown. After 3 stars guild list (list from another player of guild):

Then he is to the security of the game out and back in. In the overview challenge current stars will now appear with him:

But in his list guild he is at position 1, although it has less star:

Others see the wrong stars (final challenge plus current challenge) from him:

The summation of the star of the guild is also wrong. There are the stars of the last of the player challenge included as well.
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