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Just a little intro/backstory before my question. I previously downloaded this game the day it first came out and played for about a month before deleting it primarily for performance issues (It was extremely buggy for me and crashed almost every 10 minutes like clockwork). Then roughly about two weeks ago I started binge watching every season of TWD on Netflix to prepare for season 7 (Complete overkill I know, but I like to catch small details that I might have missed like for example: In Season 2 Episode 9 when Glenn, Rick and Herschel are trapped in the bar, Hershel tells Rick "I think Glenns hit. He's behind the dumpster. Doesn't look like he's moving." And we all know how Glenn and dumpsters would play out later on :D) But moving on, I decided to re-download the game and so far like how the stability issue seems to have been resolved as well as the new content. My question though: Is there a finite number of exploration missions per episode now? I'm at the start of Episode 6 and have already done the first two episodes on Hard but there's no exploration missions appearing. Are they just a once through and then that's it? Also, I'm going to assume there are no longer Deadly Exploration quests since I have yet to see a single one right?

PS. I've been lurking on the forum for a couple days and not sure how but I didn't see the "Changes to registration" post, so when I signed up I just assumed it was automatic like most forums so on Reason For Joining I put: You're not my supervisor! At the time I was watching Archer and thought it was funny so thanks Teeceezy for looking past that. :)
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    Welcome back! Yes, Deadly missions have been removed. And you'll only see exploration missions continually reappearing on your highest active episode (and maybe on the one just before that--I forget). So if you've made it to Ep. 6, you should still see exploration missions appearing on Ep. 6, but you won't on Ep. 1, 2, 3, 4, and possibly 5.
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    They should still be available for your current highest episode and the one before it.