November 2nd Balance Changes Discussion

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This is the place to discuss the upcoming Balance Changes described here:

November 2nd Balance Changes Discussion
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Please note: Development is a fluid process, and suggestions and implementation take time and iteration. Any discussion of future features, deadlines, updates, balance changes, and such should be considered prospective and subject to change.


  • lmfgunnut
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    Pretty pleased with most of these changes. Its as if Negan gave our heroes a cookie after....
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  • MadPuppy
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    Happy to see my overwatch play buffed.

    Very happy to get so much information.
  • Amiga
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    Awesome changes!!!
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  • Neil_J
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    Looks like my ode didn't reach the ears that matter but good to see some tweaks and admissions that some previous tweaks were too savage.
    As usual, it's a case if suck it and see.
    But, in fairness, there are some small steps in the right direction.
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  • Shut_Up
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    It's a good start but since there is a common theme of over correcting things in one direction in an effort to balance them which leads to a follow up action of correcting things back the way they came please learn that when you rebalance things don't go crazy with it so that you have to correct the correction. There's a saying in health care that goes "start low and go slow." Might be to remember in the future.

    I'm very happy though that we didn't have to wait for the next update.

    I'm curious to see what this does to body shots on armored walkers. I'm not sure I like the cover reduction because the freeman are so freaking strong at 4 levels below you they can get a critical hit and cause injury. When you do need cover now it isn't there for you. Does that apply to outposts too? Never mind I saw it is supposed to help against outposts and sandbags.

    Looks like the melee classes still needs some help. The reduced body shots is nice but there's still a chance so it's like let's flip a coin and see if my interrupt will actually stop this walker.
  • Amiga
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    Bodyshots on the same lvl or +1 were ridiculous. Hope to see it less now ;)
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  • kryptonix
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    Looking forward to these changes!
  • Amiga
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  • Poppy
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    Well there all positive changes good.

    I would have liked to see melee skills buffed a little more as i still feel that melee is still not balanced correctly. Since they put themselves i think a good thing would be to have melee and range have their own separate tables for commonly shared traits, for example dodge on melee is higher than dodge on range as they are more skilled and agile.

    Im not sure if the games coding would allow them yo do this but thematically it also makes sence. Maybe @Shteevie could advise if this is actually possible.

    One other thing as well is human HP, i really really hope that the past challenge isnt taken as a bench mark for handling humans as that challenge was able to be pushed way way further than it normally could have been due to the shooter buffs.

    Edit:- Also the new penetrate trait could it also be considered that it also lessens the damage reduction agaist armoured walkers, once again it makes more sence with the name you gave the traite as really at pressent accuracy would be a mkre fitting name.
  • TransmuteJun
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    It definitely seems like these changes are a step in the right direction. My hunters have been less and less effective with every update (or so it has seemed). It will be nice to see them regain something.
  • Shut_Up
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    Me and @Poppy brought up the exact 2 specific things. Great minds think alike.

    I have a feeling that the battle over interrupt will continue for some time as this is NG's solution to using level 9 survivors on RSL maps of 30. If they want to fix interrupt to make players happy and not ruin the integrity of the challenge maps it's going to take the surgical precision of a scalpel and not the bludgeoning power of an axe so I expect the debate and tweaking of interrupt to be a long and arduous process. Don't take this as being insulting because it isn't it's just the way NG is and NG is definitely the bludgeoning axe and not the precise surgical scalpel.
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  • Captainslayer
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    Wow thank you NG
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  • Gladi
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    Had to read all twice. Hard to believe, but it seems NG really had some plan in mind. "Afterword" makes me nervous as "future rebalancing" can contain any possible nerf one can imagine, but let´s do hope in brighter future of WD:NML.
  • JayZ
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    WOOHOO! This is seriously awesome NG. I know there are still some folks that are not happy with interrupt, but the rest of the buffs are amazing. Thank you for taking our feedback into consideration and acting quickly to make certain traits/survivors viable again. I can't wait to cut down swaths of zombies with my Scouts again!

    On the topic of interrupt, it's important to point out that interrupt was indirectly buffed in this update via the reduction of body shots, increase of critical hits, and increase in luck.
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  • _NoName
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    Took a while to read through the all planned changes ... and I like it/them a lot! Thx
    My only concern is the planned change for 2) Base Critical Hit Chance is not going to be enough to compensate for the super strong freeman in higher lvls! Anyhow, absolutely in the right direction ... even defensive stance and vigilant seem to become interesting traits now.
  • KaLi
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    edited November 2016
    Really love some of the new buffs to all the traits listed especially defensive stance and vigilant.

    Thank you and glad to see it coming live soon!
  • Shut_Up
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    I'm glad I didn't start scrapping weapons that had luck and interrupt on them just yet. It could have been disastrous. I wonder how many people are kicking themselves for doing that or scrapping new weapons that haven't been upgraded yet because they thought luck and/or interrupt were just taking up trait space.

    I like seeing posts about rebalancing that make players happy instead of pissed off and ready to riot. I do understand that this is just the beginning of the balance rebalance rebalance and that you are limited in what can be done without an update on the server side and that some changes are indirect changes.
  • Top8dog
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    Loving most of the rebalancing above,..
    I was hoping to see a reduction in freeman strength and health to more realistic values,.. My only concern I think about the above is the reduction in cover,.. This could also make playing against the freeman almost impossible now

    Quite happy with everything else tho except I want more smileys
    And,... The ability to like and disagree on a post or like and click awesome too
  • jota
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    Top8dog said:

    My only concern I think about the above is the reduction in cover,.. This could also make playing against the freeman almost impossible now

    this will definitively be a problem. there are fundamental differences in play style between outposts and regular challenges, it doesn't make sense changing things that will have opposite effects. wish I had a facepalm emoticon right now.
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