Level 6-10 Trait Values

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Can anyone who has level 6-10 Traits for Survivors post the values of those Traits? Any help from users who make us drool with envy would be awesome!! I'm looking at guys like @SlickRick & @Movado !! I'm comfortable enough in my masculinity to say that you guys give me virtual, game-induced envy boners...


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    What traits are yountalking about? All?
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    I'm looking at guys like @SlickRick & @Movado !! I'm comfortable enough in my masculinity to say that you guys give me virtual, game-induced envy boners...

    Alright everyone, sing along with Whitney: AND iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii eeee iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii will always love youuuuuuuuuuuuu
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    @Papacas - All Survivor Traits level 6 and above...I think I got Defensive Stance Level 8 from one of Movado's posts a few days. But everything else is greatly appreciated and will make the blood rush from one of my heads to the other.
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    @OneLessTitan i just got level 6s. I am gathering tokens for now and since i am not big on outposts i am not sure it makes sense to invest more past level 6. Here it goes:

    - Luck 6 - 20%
    - Marksman/Strong 6 - 16%
    - Sure Shot 6 - 43%
    - Dodge 6 - 16%
    - Iron Skin 6 - 16%
    - Bullet Dodge 6 - 16%
    - Retaliate 6 - 78%

    Hope it helps. Cheers
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    Back in August I did this for the tokens needed. If you can read my chicken stratch writing. This what you need. I put it on excel but it's on my laptop. As for traits it's a 1% per pink star increase at the max trait for that level up to 20% max on a 10 star pink fighter. That is my info on it. Hope it helps. I also did an estimate on price cost buying gold/200 radio packages to use if lucky to pull the right traits for one type of fighter. Also, with the change in luck that number will be off.