Help me guess this shooter's traits...

Outpost play man...What can I say. Help me out here.

Some backstory. Skip down to the breaks if you're not interested.

I just ran across a player aptly named "eat me" who had a helluva shooter. He was legendary, level 19, and hunkered down in cover. I opened the gate, waited a turn, and unleashed on him with 3 charged, level 18 shooters. Level 2 Tara and two legendary shooters. All had level 20 legendary pistols or better.

Not only did he survive 6 shots in a row, he also managed to survive a second wave of 4 more. At one point, he dodged 3 shots in a row. By the time I took him down, he had killed or incapacitated 2 of my survivors. He dodged most of my shots, actually. I thought bullet dodge resulted in body shots. I didn't see "body shot" when he got hit. It's said "dodged."

I'm not crying. But clearly I have a new goal for what I need to be looking for in my characters, their weapons and their armor.

I have a legendary scout, for example. She has level 5 (15%) bullet dodge. Level 5 (18%) luck. Wears legendary armor that grants her gold 30% bullet dodge. By my account, she goes pretty hard. My math says that she is given a 53% chance to have a ranged attack be a body shot. That's pretty good! I have NEVER EVER seen her dodge 3 attacks in a row! Not even 2! My math says that she should be pretty hard to hit either way with Level 4 dodge (12%), Gold armor dodge (15%) with level 5 (18%) luck for about a 32% chance to dodge total. I've seen her take 4 shots in a row which should be a mathematical anomaly at best. I'm keeping track now, I want to see just how this pans out. She should have 47% swift strike, but it probably happens only every 1 out of 4 attacks. But I digress.

Here's how I think the shooter is configured, applicable traits listed only. Please correct my logic and math where applicable.

Character Traits - Level 5 (15%) Bullet Dodge, Level 5 (18%?) Luck
Weapon Traits - Legendary Luck (20%)
Armor Traits - Legendary Bulletproof (30%)
Total - 45% stacked Bulletproof + 38% stacked luck = 63%, give or take.

I don't know about 3 body shots in a row, but that makes some sense if that's calculated properly. If the Luck trait was supposedly "nerfed" what the hell was it like before? Dude was a beast.


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    Bullet dodge survivor trait does not result in body shots it results in you not hitting the survivor or hero and the word "dodged" appearing over their head. Bullet resistant armor results in a chance that a shot that connects is a body shot. So your figure of 45% stacked bulletproof is a little off as you are stacking traits that don't stack (bullet dodge survivor trait and bullet resistant armor) as well as the figure you have for chance of body shot.

    Were they in cover for each of your shots or not or some combination?
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    Bullet dodge is like dodge, but then for bullets. (so not comparable with body shots)
    (if I'm correct) It can only be on your survivor, so max bullet-dodge% (for normal legendary) is 15+15*0.38=21%
    The chance of this happening 3 times in a row = 0.21^3 --> is about 1% chance.
    Unlikely, but not impossible.

    The dodge on your survivor is indeed about 32%
    That is 68% to not dodge
    4 times in a row = 0.68^4 is about 21% to hit 4 times in a row
    So the chance for that seems reasonable.

    About swift strike, do you know swift strike only works on a kill? If you do, then 1 out of 4 is indeed of the charts.

    But in general, it seems like you need to take a good look bullet-dodge vs body-shots. They are not the same
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    Bulletproof can be on armor. Both gold (30%) and silver (20%). It increases the chance of bodyshot.
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    PSA: Bullet Dodge on survivors and Bulletproof on armors are TWO DIFFERENT TRAITS.

    One actually allows your survivors to DODGE bullets, while the other one only increases the chance of BODY SHOTS.
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    Just wanted to complete your math correction which was started by jimmorrison above

    So your hypothetical shooter you described would have:

    Bullet Dodge 15% x 1.38 (stacked luck) = 21% to dodge ranged attacks

    Bulletproof Armor 30% x 1.38 = 41% increased chance they will receive a body shot when hit

    I believe a body shot is a standard 50% damage reduction. Other factors in damage reduction would be cover (used to be 50%, can't remember nerf) and Iron Skin traits, which you may have overlooked in your example. With 30% total Iron Skin damage reduction, you can see it becomes more possible to survive multiple attacks. I don't know for sure how the damage reduction math works together so I won't speculate.

    God, it used to be much less complicated than this
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    Updated Config for those keeping track:

    Character Traits - Level 5 (15%) Bullet Dodge, Level 5 (18%) Luck
    Weapon Traits - Gold Luck (20%), Gold High Powered
    Armor Traits - Gold Bulletproof (30%)
    Total - 15% Bullet Dodge + 38% stacked Luck = 21%


    Thanks to all for your replies, this has been helpful. I'll have to see if being in cover is relevant for this discussion. My theory is that it's simply damage reduction, but it could very well (and probably should) aid in a survivors ability to dodge bullets otherwise, what's the point?


    He was in cover the entire time. As I mentioned, I do not know the dynamics of cover, but I may have incorrectly assumed that it only resulted in damaged reduction. I've put down enough guys in cover to not believe it to mean anything other than it will take another shot until I ran across this guy.


    Thanks for the corrections. So if bullet dodge and bullet proof are indeed different (I thought as much, but wasn't sure) then like you said, my math is wrong. So then it's:

    Level 5 character Bullet Dodge (15%) + Stacked Max Luck (18% character trait + 20% weapon trait = 38%) = (15x1.38) 21%

    Even if I imagined that he dodged 3 times. Maybe it was 2 times and body shot, that's still pretty good for him and unlucky for me. And while I am pretty good at stats and probability, or I used to be, the possibility of you have a 21% chance to dodge a bullet and managing to do so in back to back succession....Wow. Dude should play the lottery.

    I did know that about swift strike. I will keep track and see if it pans out over a reasonable sample size.


    Thanks to you as well for your math. To your point about it being complicated, I remember when I simply picked up my device and played until I ran out of gas. This is slowly creeping into my daily regiment. Yes, it used to be so simple. Now I'm keeping a f#@#$ diary. Unbelievable.

    I didn't forget about iron skin, I just assumed it would only aid in his ability to take damage. But I swear, he took those first few bullets like a G, and then when he got in the red, he just started dodging bullets. It was so crazy to see.
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    About the cover nerf. Damage reduction from other sources then cover, are calculated over the remaining damage.
    This results in half the damage reduction from those other sources. (Version 2.2)

    lol yeah,
    Cover does not improve your chance of dodging a bullet,
    but it does reduce the damage any bullet does.

    I really think that is the way it works.