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  • zoson
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    Has anyone tried with 1 radio and 5 radio callouts? Is this across the board, or only 15 radio callouts? I think this is a HUGE distinction that we need to know. Because it's the difference between getting a few legendary/epics, or potentially replacing your entire team with legendaries/epics.
  • Ahex
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    Did one 15 radio pick up and got 3* 5/11 hunter. Did 2 5 radio pick ups and got crappy uncommons. Now I just use single radios and i have got lots of crap, but also XP to upgrade things. so far 5* 3/13 Scout, 5* 5/13 Warrior and 3* 6/12 shooter when I updated level 5 radiotent. Used about 30 radios.

    Epic and Legendary types don't matter, because I cannot upgrade them and use their full potential. My ma level is now 10 (training ground 9) and item level 8 (workshop level 7) so all those extra levels and better gear are useless. I'm currently on 10/5 so soon I have nothing to play in normal map. Just challenge and etra missions to grind.
  • pullfront
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    I'm stoked with the increase even though notice would've been nice.
    I have a new legendary and an epic from 2x15 calls.
    I think it should revert back after this weekend. We're not all meant to have a whole pack of Legendary survivors afterall! Their rarity is what makes them special!
    Thank you all for making this game so fun!
  • Alonso__Jr
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    i'm waiting the new updates come out to back playing this game again.... :|
  • ste
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    Just burned through 300 radios. Only got 1 legendary on my very last 15 and she's a bruiser :( can't say I'm too unhappy though got epic max level 17s for shooter/hunter/assault. 15/16 max epic warriors and unfortunately only a maximum 15 Rare scout. I'm guessing these guys will be able to carry me through episode 11 no problems. Won't have to spend anymore radios until they do the same thing before episode 12 B)
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