Possible Scout Bug?

I didn't want to post this to the bug section until I got someone else to confirm this. During my marathon play on the gas booster, my scout (Glenn) would occasionally not be standing where the game thought he was. It is hard to describe and impossible to screenshot, but I'll try my best to get the point across. It happened about three times where on a swift attack, the killing animation would play and he would unusually snap onto the killed walker's' square. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but in order to move the character from there, you actually have to put your finger on his old empty space (where he wasn't standing), then drag your finger to the desired location. The first time it happened, I just left him there because I couldn't figure it out, but the next two times he snapped back into line normally after his bonus move after the swift attack. I suspect it was a function of swift strike and the scout class following the update. Anyone else come across this? If so, I recommend we move the thread to the bug section.