"stars withheld" - change after the end of the challenge

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We had 2 changes. Both changes were made two hours after the end of the last challenge. Why is a replacement player 0 stars and with the other "stars withheld"? I have some concern that the stars of the one player do not count in the next challenge.

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    Same here @Loewe1968 we are having the same problem.
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    Thx @zbot

    I think the problem is there since Update 2.3 ... before everything was all right.
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    DTP V4 is also having the issue, specific to two players added last night, @zbot

    Edit: oops, it's actually DTPV3 (no space) with the issue, not 4. Four people came in at about the same time last night, but only 2 have the "stars withheld" message.

    Edit again: And in DTP! I won't keep posting updates unless you need them for troubleshooting, but of the two people who just joined DTP, one has "stars withheld".

    I've suggested they clear the game cache or restart their app and device. I don't know that it'll help, but it's worth a shot!
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