Rufus liquor bomb test

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I tested my level 18 Rufus with a level 19 Rekonin liquor bomb that I got in the store for 300 tg's.

He was up against level 20 walkers in a hard XP scavenge mission
It was hit or miss on him taking down level 20 walkers, but that's about the same results as my legendary assaults have
I normally don't take assaults out when the walker levels get that high

It's just a test to see how the Rekonin does on hard scavenge missions
One thing that was cool using the liquor bomb/Varmint blast on level 20 walkers was that they caught on fire but did not die

So now there were 3 flaming walkers afoot
I wonder if the flaming walkers cause more damage?

Youtube video of Rufus test is here