Outpost raiding time

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It seems to me that there is something wrong with the time one has to raid an outpost.
Here there are two screenshots: you can see from the first pictures (taken on 2016/12/03) that in the starting position of the first picture I have 7 m 49 s (let's say about 8 minutes) and in the second picture (taken today 2016/12/13) I have 10 m 22 s left once I opened the defenders gate.. Is there something changed?



  • Shut_Up
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    They added time detective Rapax lol!

    There is a bug that sometimes when you reconnect after losing your connection during the raid you lose more time than you should. Until they squash the bug, time has been added.

    Raid time was at 8 minutes now they are going to be 12 minutes until further notice. It had nothing to do with opening the gate.
  • Shteevie
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    Well spotted, @Rapax.
    @Shut_Up is correct - time has been added so that the possibility of losing time [a bug that will take longer to fix] won't cause losses when it shouldn't.
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    Thanks for the temp. fix. Should fix outpost disconnects time. Thanks again
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    That didn't really work out for me as I hit end turn on the first round of a raid and reconnected within 30 seconds to find my combat automatically resolved as a loss. You could add an hour in that case and not have an impact. I'm on android 5.something, AT&T build. Whatever you folks have done since the update had made raiding far less stable for me @Shteevie.