Increased body shots today?

Every scavenger mission I'm doing today is a complete joke! I've got level 15 survivors, Daryl, Rufus and Rosita, all with 5 star gold weapons, up against level 14 walkers... Yesterday, Rufus with a wide angle shot would mow down a group of walkers no problem, yet today, I target say 6, 4 get 'body shots' and Rufus gets almost killed at the next turn! Every character is getting around 50% body shots... Only started happening today and I've changed nothing since yesterday! Getting to be a pain in the arse and it's putting me right off playing, on the day we get 1 minute fuel! ... Anyone else getting this problem?


  • JayZ
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    I've actually been getting a fair amount too. Not sure if it's coincidence, or if I've just been playing more missions so tend to notice them more frequently.
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  • bionic_boabie
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    That was initially my thinking, with the 1 minute fuel today, had I just noticed it more? I'm hoping that's all it is, as it's really grinding my gears today!!
  • MrsScattercushion
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    Not noticing any issues here
  • TheSittingDuck
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    Nope, everything's normal for me
  • TheSittingDuck
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    if we talking about bodyshots I completely don't follow NG logic on that...
    let's say my assulter performs critical attack - it clearly doesn't apply to all walkers like it should be, but only to one or few. So essentially it means that isn't critical attack as whole, but more like there are random critical bullets in the magazine :)

    Hmm, maybe @Shteevie can put a little light on this issue in some spare time...(I'm really curious to listen\read)
  • Shteevie
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    Body Shots, dodges, and crits are all calculated on a case-by-case basis. Each attack may result in a different events for each different target. You might attack a mixed group of enemies with an assault and see a dodge, crit, and body shot all at the same time.

    These mechanics don't really refer to special bullets or armor, but more that the attack can hit [or not] different parts of the target that are more or less effective at stopping them. Hitting a walker in the head instead of the shoulder, for example.
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  • TheSittingDuck
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    Oh, I see... thank you for illuminating ;) & instant reply @Shteevie !
  • Captainslayer
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    I've noticed it with my assault getting heaps of body shots today in scavenge missions I wasn't sure if i was unlucky or it had changed in scavenge missions since i haven't played them for a few months now until today
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