permanent tomatoes for gas?

feracolyte Member Posts: 162 ✭✭✭✭
i'm not sure if it's been suggested before, but i was wondering if a permanent tomatoes for gas option in the trade good store would be a reasonable solution for maxed out players. can anyone see any downsides to this? it would encourage players who play a lot to play even more. it's not terribly game imbalancing since people could just buy boosters to get the same effect and gas is inherently not a resource you can horde. it doesn't solve the stagnation issue but it might satisfy players that are just frustrated staring at full supplies waiting for the next next update (2.5 not 2.4) just my 2 cents.


  • Shut_Up
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    Yes it has been suggested and many people have brought up the point that food for gas trades doesn't give high level end game players an even bigger advantage over the weak just as you did and nothing much was said by NG either yes or no.