Kickin' it with Trolls

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A long time ago, there existed a race of little people called Trids.

The Trids only source of food were berries that grew in one particular area near their village. Each morning, the Trids woke up, walked up a big hill, crossed a long suspension bridge, gathered their berries and trekked back home.

One day, as the Trids were crossing the bridge a smelly Troll climbed from under, charged the defenseless Trids and kicked them back down the hill. The Trids did not eat that day. The next day and the next, more of the same. As the Trids stepped on the bridge, the Troll jumped out and kicked them down the hill.

Finally, the poor, starving Trids decided to ask the village Rabbi for help with the Troll. The Rabbi said, "Tomorrow I will go with you and see if I can talk sense to the Troll."

The next morning, the Rabbi lead the Trids up the hill. As soon as they stepped on the bridge the Troll leapt out, rushed past the Rabbi and kicked all the Trids down the hill. As the Troll returned, the Rabbi said, "I don't understand. Each morning you kick the poor Trids down the hill, but yet you run right past me and leave me unharmed. Why?"

The Troll gave the Rabbi a large, toothy grin and said, "Silly Rabbi. Kicks are for Trids."

(1. Dear Forum Trolls - Stop kicking Trids. Thank you. 2. Dear Forum Posters - You can't talk sense to Trolls. - Thank you.)


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