Gold and hero tokens

Sorry, I'm new here, but does anyone know if anything is in the works to have gold more available in crates? Rather than having to pay for it all the time, as I would consider it "supplies."
And why are hero tokens so difficult to get except for Daryl? There are always 20 to be had somewhere in each mission for him, but for everyone else its rare and random. Just a little frustrating.


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    If you take a look to the daily quests, you´ll find 30 gold sometimes as a reward. I usually skip the rewards with 10 gold and wait till another one comes up. If it´s a 30 gold quest...get it.

    You won´t find more gold in crates since this is what NG is trying to sell you ;)

    As for the heroes...did you play all the season missions? You´ll get a few various hero tokens there too.

    But to be honest...not all heroes are worth the effort to get them. My deal with the heroes is, that I don´t care much about them. If hero tokens show up in a 15 call and everything else is just a rare survivor, then I take it ;)