Any of these survivors worth upgrading to legendary?

sicron Member Posts: 84
Hey, i have these survivors and the tokens to upgrade them but im not sure because only one of them has strong trait(and i dont like the other traits on him). I was leaning on upgrading Jeremy and Jeff. What do you think?


  • Gladi
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    Jeremy. With strong he will be real badass.
  • sicron
    sicron Member Posts: 84
    Yeah, but strong is RNG. You think i should upgrade him anyway? And what about the scouts(on the link there are two pictures :) )?
  • Gladi
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    Well, it is my opinion and some may disagree, but...
    Nick dont have retaliate, strong and dodge and even with any of those as 5th, he wont be really good
    Jeff with dodge as 5th would be good one but scout, but I would love to see him having also strong.
    Freddy needs dodge, luck, retaliate and strong.
    So only Jeremy have some chance to become real badass and will be good one with whatever trait he will get. With Strong i would make him pink for sure.
    Use them till you find better ones, but I would keep tokens for better option. Dawn is not bad for outpost defence, if you want to lvl her up.
  • Squall_NML
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    Agree with @Amiga :smiley:

    IMO, only Jeremy worth upgrading, but don't scrap your scouts yet. Wait till you get better survivors to replace them :wink:
  • sicron
    sicron Member Posts: 84
    Well, i was pretty much thinking the same as you are.
    1) a) Nick does have strong but i guess it doesnt really change things much. I am gonna keep him tho ofcourse till i level Dawn and another one b) Jeff could be good but im gonna keep the tokens incase i find something better by the time i have leveled Dawn.
    2) I am planing on deleting Freddy as soon as i find another warrior with good traits.
  • Shut_Up
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    I wouldn't upgrade any of them I would look for better ones instead of upgrading ones.
  • Papacas
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    I would only upgrade Jeremy. None of the others would do it for me.