An Elder kicks out all members of guild, therefore almost killing it.

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Just to warn others who might not know this, that there is a possibility for guild elders to bassically kick all members (except Leader) of the Guild out of it. That p.ricks ingame name is Eddie grimes. Be aware. And if former (kicked out by that *****) members of guild Evii read this - you are more than welcome to apply back to the guild. Thanks.


  • Tapatio75
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    I removed the Elder for all my players because one of them was kicking out the new ones and wouldnt man up and say "I did it" but they still complained about it
  • Brenr
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    Best thing to do is have a secondary chat like line or group me then you can still have contact with the players that where booted. Some people are just jerks and think it's funny but when you have spent the time to make a good guild its a shame that some people act this way.
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    I'll be sure if i acrosss him to kill his defenders
    Elder of dragons weyr a top USA guild
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    And Stu had just joined you too.