TGS 12.5k Equipment

I've noticed that my TGS sells me a majority of the time Hunter, Bruiser, & Warrior equipment. It rarely sells me Shooter & Assault equipment. However, I never see any Scout equipment, why is that?


  • zbot
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    The 12.5K TG usually follows the Hero (survivor class).
  • Gladi
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    Once in a while, there is full variety of gear from those 12,5TGs deals, but mainly(I hate that), we are served one class gear for whole week usually connected with one hero of that class(now Sasha, hunter).
  • mellow_93
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    Ooooh yea, almost forgot about that.
    But, I still can't remember the last time I saw a Scout equipment up there.
    My poor Glenn feels left out, at least he now has the Pitchfork
  • Gladi
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    You dont have to tell me @mellow_93 . Till sunday I had no leg armor lvl20 for scout. Only other exception in this filed was bruiser weapon, but for bruisers, I mind traits more, so lvl19 leg or lvl20 epic is good enough. But scouts are week and they need some serious protection. So I upgraded one fine lvl20 epic and when last upgrade was running, I recieved that leg one finally...
    Seriously @Shteevie , I understand connection with heroes, but can you serve us random gear(for a week) at least every 3-4 weeks? 6 weeks rotation is way too long and Im really not sure if all classes have same amount of weeks. If ones luck is too low for certain drop, let him/her get a chance in TG shop.
  • carlos1981
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    @Gladi @mellow_93 - Same here, my poor scouts.. I can't remeber when i last got any kit for them. Only the last challenge gave me some epic Armour, now upgraded, and i purchased the Pitchfork last night.
    Of course, after i maxed out the epic base lvl16 kit, I Pulled a epic base lvl19 socut armour

    Would definitely agree with @Gladi suggestion above for some more rotataion
  • TXboss
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    Anyone else finding they only pull gear with lousy traits from the 12.5k TGS? Last 10+ pulls I've gotten equipment with traits so bad they are not worth upgrading. Is the "random" in the RNG in fact fixed to not give out wide calibre / spread on range weapons, for example, thus trying to force the player to pay real world money for such weapons?
  • TXboss
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    And yes, I soooo need scout armor! A more frequent rotation would help!
  • Gladi
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    @TXboss Last 2 of 3 rifles I´ve got from TG store are with silver wide bore, but one is with interrupt and other one with silenced..hard to choose which one to upgrade, last trait for both is gold accurate. I love my silver bore/gold lethal/gold lucky and I would love to have one with silver bore/gold piercing/gold lethal, but thats only a dream. Have to admit, I had similar luck with assault rifles for while, now I have bunch of leg lvl20, double with gold spread and one with silver spread upgraded and another 2 not upgraded. Perfect one trait-wise is one of my epic with lethal/piercing/spread, but not upgraded and prolly never will be.
  • Shteevie
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    I think every class will get a week in the course of the remainder of the season. If not, we'll make sure to fill out the set soon after the season is completed.
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