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Does anyone else have this annoying problem? At least 2-3 times every single time I play this game, I'm forced to wait while the game searches for some fleeting connection. If I'm lucky, it will go away after a few minutes. Otherwise, it has to reload the entire game. This went away with one of the previous updates, and now it's back with a vengeance. It's happened so often, I'm losing patience with this game. It's not my phone, because this has happened on 3 different devices. I don't have this issue with any other games I play, so I assume it's not my router.

That leads to my second question: why does this game need to have a connection to the server at all times? Especially if I'm not raiding or otherwise interacting with another player?


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    I get the "reconnecting" every time a bundle offer wants to pop up. Many times I have to exit out of the game and come back in or it just keeps giving me that message.
  • Azazash
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    Happens to me constantly. Doesn't seem to matter what i do in game, whether it's missions or just having the game open for 10 seconds.

    I get a 5 second long reconnect where it does connect again, then you can guarantee within 1 minute it will say reconnecting but will fail and load the game again.

    Occasionally after that i get a message about walkers blocking the door.

    Game would be great if it wasn't for the appalling performance

    Also just to note, playing on an​ nVidia Shield K1 which is more than powerful enough to play this
  • Becca
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    Yes this happens all the time now with the lastest update. My game must restart at least 3 to 4 times when playing. It does not matter where I am at. It reloads on the camp page, the challenge Games, everything. The videos never play that just shuts down the game. Luckily when I re open I do get the rewards.
  • FluxNine
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    its fucking anoying! same same .. not the reconncting but directly to reload - then i have another maybe 10 minutes .. till the next ad or raid ..
  • The_Reaper
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    Same here. Game just goes into a loop of endless reconnection. So much fun!
  • Rakkan7160
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    > @The_Reaper said:
    > Same here. Game just goes into a loop of endless reconnection. So much fun!

    Reconnecting then enter OK? After that I am back doing ARMY BASE Weekly Challenge right

    after RECON !
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    We're not DEAF @Rakkan7160

    And please do not revive old threads (Thread Necromancy), especially when another exactly like it is already on page one. Thank you.

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