Do you want to see a pink Ann?

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So I stole the kids' iPad to start an alt account and see what it would be like to start over.

I've played with the alt for a couple of months now and it was very different going through the early levels this time after all the changes that have been made to the game (My main started in January 2016).

This is what I learned:
--The XP is flowing at a MUCH faster pace for new players. You can actually upgrade your gear as you progress.
-- The S7 trial missions are a massive boost for new players as you can farm with level 10 heroes and get rewards at that level (for 1 gas per mission).
-- The story missions are still fun. God, I hope they will become unlocked again, I miss them.
-- Kids have very sticky fingers. Playing on their iPad offers a new tactical challenge when dragging your survivors' movement or line of fire. Kids apparently also don't like it when dad takes their iPad.

PS: I decided to keep the 1-star level-1 Ann you get in the beginning and bring her up to pink. Not the best trait combination, though, but she's worth having for sentimental reasons:.

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