What is max level of Walkers?

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What level was the highest level of walker that you have fought?

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  • DoTak
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    how many spare phone batteries do you have? lol
  • bladgier
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    @DoTak i bet hes got a charger.
  • stick_ninja
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    What I'm wondering is how much experience did you get for that and how long did it take you? Or are you still playing that mission?
  • PapaK
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    DoTak - I play with the phone plugged in...

    Bladgier - What weapon is a "Charger"? Or do you mean a phone charger, which the phone was plugged in.

    Stick_Ninja - I played for 18hours straight and got just over 68,000 they default to only 1 experience point per kill after about 500 kills... I had over 7,000 kills in this battle...
    Brenda is a level 20 Hunter with a level 23 7mm Harrier - 1175

    Anne is a level 20 Hunter with a level 23 .308 Hawk - 1175


  • zbones
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    They default to 1 after 100 kills, this needs to be increassed
  • EL34xyz
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    PapaK said:

    What level was the highest level of walker that you have fought?

    You only fought level 30 walkers, not 1000+
    The level stops at level 30 :)
  • PapaK
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    EL345xyz - Then why did the numbers keep increasing when new walkers were generated, to the labeled 1002+?
    And why did it take more shots to kill them as the level numbers increased?
    It was taking 20+ shots from a level 23 hunter rifle
    Did not act like level 30....

    Why do you think they stop at level 30?
  • The_Jer
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    If you look at the HP (health) of the walkers as they increase in number the HP caps at a level 30 walker. The number above their head may increase, but the HP is the same at 30+
  • NCDawgFan
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    The maximum health rating of any "normal" walker is about 6,450. Even if you waste your time killing walkers higher than level 30, a level 1,000 walker has the same about 6,450 health rating. Armored and fatty walkers, and raiders have a much, much higher health rating. A level 30 fatty has almost 40,000 health rating.
  • Vudnik
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    @PapaK Under normal circumstances, unless you have them all trapped behind a fence like that S7 mission, pushing 30+ is really sweet. Otherwise, fuggedaboudit!!!
  • xbamfx
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    In the season 7 missions I have fought well higher then 30, trapped behind a fence tho and unable to get to me
  • xbamfx
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    I believe I faced level 46 before xp capped and I just finished the mission lol