Maintenance maintenance maintenance!

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How long!!! I haven't been able to play for nearly 1 whole day today (in my country) only because of maintenance! I just wish the game reopens soon
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  • DLich
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    Party Party Party.... Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance


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    It's been longer than 7 or 8 hours of maintenance in your country and closer to a day of maintenance?
  • hiplnsdrftr
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    I updated, claimed my gift then it went right back to maintenance!!?? Did I screw up???
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  • DLich
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    Regardless how long it takes It's going to be less time then a from blizzard. They were the WORST maintenance EVER!!

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  • Dodkong
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    Updates for EverQuest from Sony could go into double digit hours.

    That was always great free entertainment reading the forum boards while waiting.
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    @TheLostOnes You should try moving to another country.
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    Fuc... Maintenance to next life.
  • Amiga
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    edited March 2017
    I was able to used 1000 radios received by system error before game went to maintance again... ;) I can't I love maintances like this one
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  • leanrascal
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    Wow. Nearly 7 hours of maintenance down time just before the end of a cycle! Badly badly timed maintenance. Bad. How do I open a claim for lost trade goods, lost influence points and.... therapy costs.
  • MaD VapoR
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    Guess I shouldn't have bought double xp during the 4.3623 minutes the game was up....not getting the full 24 hours
  • General_Quatre
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    Let's start a sing along

    That's funny -- the chorus I sing in was working on an arrangement of this song last night for a Monty Python concert!
  • capibara
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    I love those damned updates by NG.
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    Teeceezy said:

    @TheLostOnes You should try moving to another country.

    It can't be good when TCZ is advising to move to another country... easy for those in the EU. I have a good job and I'm 709 days to retirement... have to stay put.
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  • ZombieHunter
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    I think it is more a case of skill or will. The Devs clearly have the will just lack skill: examples are not being able to time the update, the breakdancing walkers, upside down videos, months and months between updates. Releasing weapons nerfs, poorly executed token system, high level players being maxed for months, even a simple change like a counter for # of weapons took months. All points to not being able to perform basic coding or thinking through changes. My nephew takes college level coding and said if he turned in work like that, it would be a fail.
  • yoyos
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    They had to employ a chinese to count our weapons, you can imagine the work but he did it !
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    At least he game was available for 5 minutes. I got to see Bigfoot riding a unicorn. B)
  • Morgan
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    > @TWDSkutter said:
    > Let's start a sing along
    > Could be worse, you could be a zombie (or Carrol's florist)

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    How dare you?

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    This space for rent

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  • bababooey
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    This is been the longest update ever! Got to log in earlier and get free update gift was about to snatch and grab some TG in outpost but got booted and been in maintenance ever since ! Hope it's all worth it !