Preferred trait combos for scout weapons

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For those who use and appreciate scouts like I do, what are your ideal trait combinations for different situations? What would be your perfect tools?

For Outpost Defense, I figure damage and crit bonuses are best, and active traits like swift strike obviously are no benefit for the AI defense. I can see interrupt being helpful in some setups.

For any attack mission, I would think gold swift strike with lethal and destructive would be sweet, or maybe luck to stack on a lucky survivor, but I've also seen the value of threat reduction on some challenge maps.

So what are your "perfect" scout weapons, whether it's in your inventory or just a dream?

To start, here are my current go to scout weapons, plus the one I'm thinking about upgrading before the weekend event is over, They're not perfect, but they do the trick, and I have some decent level 20 and 21 shanks waiting for me if I don't find that Unicorn first.

(FYI my survivors are level 19, so base weapon level 19 upgraded to 22 is the best I can handle atm)



  • Movado
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    I'm sure I'm in the minority on this, but I don't like Scouts. At all. I know they have some great utility to them in particular contexts, but just don't like to use them. I suppose if I did use them for Challenges, I'd take: Swift-strike/Charging/Threat-reduction traits. They're too squishy for outpost-defense (traits don't matter when they're first to die).

    The only time my Scouts get away from watering tomato plants is when I'm in mood to farm TG's as quickly as possible, so I use one for raiding only. But if I'm in the mood to pillage & burn down an outpost, then Scouts stay on the bench.

    This is my outpost-raiding Scout, the traits seem to mesh well together for raiding purposes only:

  • dandancar77
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    my perfect scout weapon - other then being a level low soon
  • Gladi
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    silver luck, gold intterupt, gold ultimate outpost weapon(yop, have it).
    silver luck, gold ss, gold threat ultimate challenge weapon(damn close).
  • snafu
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    Gold destructive and silver charging combined with powerstrike makes +12k damage. Very convenient in those challenge maps where Winslow or armored walkers spawn at specific locations.