Hotfix - wolf knives removed from rotation and replaced with corresponding Legendary weapon

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We found a problem with one particular type of weapon that causes the game to go in an infinite loop. We have disabled that weapon with immediate effect and replaced it with a Legendary weapon.



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    We're doing a rolling fix to the servers asap within the next few hours, which fixes the affected save games. I'll post here once the fix is deployed.
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    The fix is now live. If you were affected, you should get a fixed game by just shutting down the game and reloading. If this doesn't fix the game, try rebooting the device and waiting for some time before starting. If you still get the issue, please wait until I post a note here saying "If you still get a reload after connecting, please send us a new ticket". We don't know of issues that would cause a reload that wasn't fixed, so we'll want to know if someone still gets this by tomorrow.