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How can this happen? Two user names, each with the same outpost map and each with the same types/lvls of defenders and with the same names. Is it possible to change a user name?


  • Jaden
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    One is most probably a bot of the other.

    You can change your username, though, but only once.
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  • Shut_Up
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    Maybe it wasn't two different users but the same user twice! Maybe you hit a clone bot outpost. Maybe some more info that made more sense woukd help.

    Whooooooaaaaa. mind blown.
  • Movado
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    Nothing new, we've always had bot/clone versions of our outposts. Apparently NG names them, but it mirrors our own.

    Some of the ones near your current search range are:

    JohnnyDives = Tim
    Norskcord = Theresa
    Slick = Odin
    Danilo = Amber
    Cassandra = EvaB00
    Cimrim = Carlos
    Jodi = Andrea
    Mon1ca = secret. Come raid and find out

    If player changes their defenders/set-up, the clone will also change accordingly. Players won't see the raid in their logs when you raid their bot/clone version.

    (It's interesting to learn the clone name of our own outpost, but that usually requires another player to inform us. @sborg - I've come across your clone version before too right after raiding you, but cannot recall the name)
  • David_H79
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    Mon1ca is the clone from @Movado
  • GrimGael
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    If my shield goes up and my LLS aren't in there already and I'm doing other things (challenges, etc.) they go in there. Grim clone has a crappy defense
  • sborg
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    This one was named Virginia and I believe the other name was mike. Not absolutely positive because I can no longer find mike in my logs. In each case the map was Lake 4/4. There are two hunters and a bruiser. What stuck in my mind was the bruiser's name, Nudelholz, which is German for rolling pin.
  • capibara
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    Whaat?? @Movado !! I need to know my clone!!
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  • sborg
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    Yep, mike=virginia.

  • sborg
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    How are these clones created?
  • Shut_Up
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    By replicating the DNA and mixing it into a mouse OR when your shield goes up and you go offline a clone is made to keep others from only finding 5 outposts.