Overrun Compound - Overview, Strategy and Tips

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Feel free to share your tips here or on the site (preferably on the site if you want those people to read them as well). Not a lot of time this week, so I did what I could.


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    This is awesome. The whole community owes you a big thank you.
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    All the strategies mentioned on the wordpress site give emphasis only to the ranged survivor classes. Could you please add tips and suggestions on where melee classes can be used too? (Especially because it's warrior week for now).
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    @T_12 -- sadly, melee aren't the best option on most maps. Even the recent buffs didn't make Me-Lame much better. I did mention melee (scouts with threat reduction) for Datacenter as that's the only map on this challenge where I foresee it being a better option than ranged survivors, and mentioned them briefly on another map or two.

    No Armored Walkers and only Tanks hurts the value of Bruisers this week, and I'm not going to make massive adjustments to the page based on weekly buffs. I wish I had more use for Warriors, but they just don't work very well for me when the missions get tough (but are fun to play with when there is little strategy needed at the easy levels).

    I realize not everyone has all the classes unlocked, but I'm just trying to give brief summaries and strategies instead of writing every possible scenario, mainly because I know what works for high level players, and I don't have the dedication (or the $$) to try out every potential scenario. Wish I could, but that's where I rely on other people contributing alternative strategies that are better than just blasting away, which is what usually works best, especially with a few heroes.
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    Pinning this.
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    Does anyone have a working strategy for Inside and Out? I can typically 3* everything through RSL 25 and most times 26, but I'm getting wrecked on 24.2 with this map.
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    Inside and out is the only one I have real problems with, I seem to have bad luck as I seem to only fight tanks on this. I feel that this particular one is broken. I could burn through fuel and get absolutely decimated top with hour long healing times for the teams that sadly went through this.
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    @TWDSkutter and @crambert_nec Just hope you have a couple of good shooters on your team and hang on until the 50% shooter damage kicks in tomorrow. It still won't be easy.
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    Yeah, I managed to finish the last two rounds of 24 perfectly. Really just gotta get lucky and run a map where hardly any (or no!) fatties spawn on Inside and Out. Seems like either 2 normal walkers OR 1 fatty spawns every turn.
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    It seems you need just enough luck for inside out.
    3 rounds yesterday without an additional fatty spawn.
    First round today four or five fattys (I didn't really count them) spawn one after another.

    Maps like roadrunner are really tough ones, but you know what waits for you.
    Inside out is the best candidate for rebalancing, because there is to much luck involved.
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    I just mixed up my team with Epic Abe in the lead with 2 Shooters with level 24 gear. I beat 22.1 with no injury. Totally different outcome when using Assault/Hunter team for 21.3. The fatties are still a concern, but the newly buffed Shooters could take them out. I used Abe for the regular spawns. I just might make it to 23.1.
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    In and out is impossible at lvl 26. Why would they not keep it warrior damage all week? I took advantage or warrior buff as much as possible but now that I'm up to lvl 26 its totally impossible now. Total crap map. Change it back to warrior or assault buff to give us a chance! # f this challenge.
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    Inside out is too much! I've got 5 attempts... nothing's gonna go through... even 3 x 21er with 23 lv weapons can fight the "Armadas" of walkers... damm hard... lv 24.1 isn't to finished with just 1 star...
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    Only few players got 3pink fighters... thx for this video
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    But it is useless!!!
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    I got tanks and armoured walker inside and out !!!
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    Got to say inside and out seems unbalanced ... even at 21.1 I had 2 tanks popping from the side.

    The sheer number of tanks, constant pops PLUS the turn pop make this way out of step with difficulty of other maps. With high lvl tanks popping I guess I will be finishing this challenge early for a change (no I am not dumping gold or gas into running maps over and over and over plus hospital charges).

    I've complained via the help button. I completely agree. Inside and out is pure bogus. I have level 19 players with some legendary gear. All other missions I have 3 stars in at l20. I can't score even 1 star on Inside and Out. The previous level before that I scored 2 stars and before that, 3 stars. So that tells you how unevenly balanced that mission is. So, it's the last mission to beat in order for me to move on, and I can't, even though all the other missions I've scored 3 stars in. That tells you right there how unbalanced Inside and Out is and it needs to be fixed. It's not a challenge. It's frustration.
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    @Terminates on fire! Nice vids and gameplay. It's a difficult challenge but not impossible.

    I'm slowly pushing through lvl 28s! However still no match on catching up to you yet ^_^
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    @Terminates thx for your answer...


    I tried different ways to make a victory...
    Shooter, scouts, Michonne, Daryl, Abraham
    ... even Negan with 2x 1-star 21's melee tugging guys... there have been

    toooooo much fattiest and too much walkers

    Also you have no chance to stay at a corner to avoid walkers coming out...
    second... the map is too small for running away or hide... one move and they got you from all sides..

    Usually I finish 25.0 during a competition.. now 24.0... dead at Inside Out...
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    .. in the meantime I tried it with
    Michonne and 2 bad guys with clubs
    ... and made it through... Michonne was opening the boxes and the two gentlemen escorted her ...
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    The scary thing is that the map used to be a deadly mission! Dont try to kill everything just grab and run when you see the opportunity, taking a few knocks in the process.
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    But it is useless!!!

    I understand your frustration, but I believe the correct response is,

    "Thank you for sharing your video, My Supreme Goddess @Terminates , Warrior of the Wasteland, Ayatollah of rock-and-rolla!"
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    I've tried this mission a dozen time and I'm out. I feel dead inside that I can't get past it.
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    I couldn't beat 25.1 on I&O :(

    I've neglected my melee classes though, so I get what I deserve. Actually, it's not entirely my fault, because I don't have decent gear for them (right combinations of traits) anyway.
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    I've updated the page a little, but need to add a few more pics. I will also add more videos as I come across them.
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    Pinned :)