Which Hunter would you put in your outpost?

ZeroMercy Member Posts: 45
Currently have 2 hunters, both with similar traits, except, one has dodge, and the other, sure shot.

Hunter 1: dodge, bullet dodge. luck, iron skin, marksman
Hunter 2: sure shot, bullet dodge, luck, iron skin, marksman

I personally, am leaning towards hunter 1 with dodge vs. sure shot, as I am pretty sure that unless I have the hunter set to static, that she will be moving around, trying to get a multiple target shot, making it useless. On the other hand, dodge might be as well, cause most attackers are ranged, but there is always a few who bring in a bruiser or warrior.

To be sure, before I spend a bunch of tokens on pink stars, what are your opinions?


  • T_12
    T_12 Member Posts: 556 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hunter 1 for sure (O/P). Sure shot can be better used by you rather than the CPU's auto-defending.....
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