Top 5 things you shouldn't say to a Walker

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Vote and then add another if you can.

Top 5 things you shouldn't say to a Walker 33 votes

Bite Me
capibaraWhyDoYouDieGovernatorStrikePapacasJenngdocfinzenburgDebbo34flyingcowkingwarNomad4195RedEye52Mollie64Nightwolf1986thebullMaverick1969warlock1271SmittySpivey3 18 votes
BBQ at Jesters Tomorrow and free beer
InspTurbinesTheLostOnesTheCrabzivaolivia 4 votes
Walk it off loser....
Carl_s_Hatrustynailvshield50Human3001KhalDrogoSmiling 6 votes
Whats that in your mouth?
CarlyKick_ass 2 votes
Did you shoot your mouth off Again?
CarloPutchucozeeblack 3 votes


  • SmittySpivey3
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    Bite Me
    My vote since its what inspired the thought of this dreadful thread. 'bowing at Zbot's knees' I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy'.
    Yah but it should be a fun thread.
  • Governator
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    Bite Me
    Those pants make you look dead.
  • SmittySpivey3
    SmittySpivey3 Member Posts: 324 ✭✭✭
    Bite Me

    Those pants make you look dead.

  • InspTurbines
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    BBQ at Jesters Tomorrow and free beer
    Excuse me but I think you dropped This!

  • vshield50
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    Walk it off loser....
    Do you want to just watch a movie and talk or do you want to just make out?
  • docfinzenburg
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    Bite Me
    Do you like mexican music?
  • Carly
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    Whats that in your mouth?
    Excuse me, but do u prefer we call u walker, zombie, undead, zeek, Stu, geek, non-normal, biter, or roamer?
  • flyingcowking
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    Bite Me
    Flatulent person
  • capibara
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    Bite Me
    You looks better on the dancefloor
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  • Jenng
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    Bite Me
    Who is this irresistible creature who has an insatiable love for the dead? ;)
  • warlock1271
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    Bite Me
    Wanna 69? :tongue:
  • WahooDawg
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    Can I LOL and puke in my mouth a little Warlock? Hahahaha
  • Chrang
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    Gee, your hair smells terrific!
  • Mabiki
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    Considering a walker has no cerebral ability to process logical thought, and is essentially a real-life pac man ghost that will chomp you to death upon sight or sound, and keeping in mind there are no special items to make you temporarily invincible to said pac-man ghost, aka flesh-hungry walker, I would posit the worst possible thing you could say to a walker would be anything.

    Now, that said, with full awareness of the ultimate futility of speaking at all to such a creature and expecting anything other than a reptile-brain response, I think the absolute worst thing to say would be to invite them into your home, in the unlikely scenario that you would find yourself subject to the irrascible whims of a vampire-walker freely traversing through your domicile.

    Which would essentially be a double-undead creature, immune to both standard attacks and any special move that does not involve holy water or a wooden stake, and in which case you would have to incapacitate both the brain and the heart on the assumption both the vampire and walker traits are active simultaneously.

    Each is a formidable opponent on its own, but together would be a dual-wielding master end boss worthy of even the storied Mega Man or Legend of Zelda series.

    You have to admit, it does sounds pretty badass...
  • Kick_ass
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    Whats that in your mouth?
    What's in ur mouth. The best.
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  • vshield50
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    Walk it off loser....
    I want to have your baby