Dear staff of NG !!!

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Dear staff of NG !!!

Imagine the following:

You are informed by your employer NG that you get more salary from next month. Then look for the next month, and you realize you have not got more, but less money. How do you feel? Likewise, most players feel in the hospital because of the "new" healing times. In response, you get from your employer: your working time has been shortened. But if you work more, you get at least the same salary as before. But this is also not true: (Thx @Terminates ).

PS: I hope my translator has translated well from German to English ;)
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    Your NG traits were spot on @gcheong85 :)
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    push for @Shteevie & Co. ;)

    Do I see it wrong or are we not players, they by look from advertisement in the play and purchase of offers at the salaries of the employees of NG „to a part“ do pay? Is it not in such a way that one the people, pay the salary „to a part“, should annoy not too much? I for my part am annoyed more than only a little bit. :(

    PS: Excuse for my Englich. I hope one understands it. ;)
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    In the end, who is the person can make the final decisions in game formula?

    I don't think it's someone from the developer team
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    Sure, these decisions are quite different people in the ranking above. But, therefore, accepting everything and not resisting? I defend myself in real life and do this here as well. You do not have to do, you can. ;)
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    If NG wants his hard work rewarded, then NG should be willing to appreciate the hard work of their players.

    Don't test your player's loyalty level, until they no longer give a damn. Not abandoning new players, but NG should give extra reward for mid and veteran players. They are the foundation, and the reason why your company persists to this day.

    PS: Do not make RNG an excuse to cover something. NG must be more transparent.
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    I don't want to speak behalf of NG but I heard that they are busy looking for solution for the hospital matter.
    Finger crossed to see fix soon ;)
    This info is 100% legit
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    That I only believe, when it's online.

    EDIT: ...and tested by the player base!