My time is up.

Hello. A month or so ago I did a post on why I should keep playing TWD NML. I got a response and joined a guild. It's was fun and I wanted to win. I tripled my best score in the group. Scoring 800 plus then over 900.

For the sake of winning I brought gold. Unlimited fuel and double Xp. During the challenge my RSL increased due to pink stars. My grind for weapon was now meaningless. They had become useless in the scope of things. So I had to upgrade the workshop and then weapons. It took a week. But as the game likes to do gold jumps in and helps out. At a cost. I can't justify it anymore.

The challenge week to me has become a smart way of extracting money from those that want to achieve greater score. Others will argue that you can do it without gold and there's always the waiting game for healing and upgrades, but I don't agree. You will always go further if your not waiting 2 hours for healing.

I don't see the reason for upgrading the council and increasing surviver levels. Because the grind starts again. Only this time your one level are your competitors.

The reason why I'm quitting is because I don't want them to take anymore of my money. I'm a console gamer and this is my first mobile gaming experience. It's harrowing how bad the market is. It works on the fact that game play is fun but pulls you in and makes progression difficult. It got to a point where it was taking weeks to go further. Only to find its meaningless because your one surviver lvl away from starting the grind all over again.

You may see this as my own stupidity for paying for progression. But I can't commit to the game everyday. And logging in collecting supplies and xp at the lvl I'm at means absolutely diddly squat when progression on upgrades is so high.

So. Lastly I'll finish this week's challenge and move on. I won't mobile game again. I'll buy a console game for 40 quid and play it to the death. And it won't cost me more.


  • bladgier
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    U forgot about DLC's.
  • Monsuta
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    Witcher 3 have DLC for FREE!
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    Repeated post
  • Loopyloogrrr
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    Yeah but dlc's cost less than a feature pack on this game.
  • Reeconn
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    Most console games now come with a season pass which usually cost the same as the game so thats like 80 quid !!!
  • Jenng
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    Fare the well.......

  • Guapo
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    This game takes way more time than a console game. If you spend 200 hrs on a 40 quid game, how many hrs do you spend on nml for the same amount? You are correct though, it is very difficult to progress in this game since you don't want to upgrade your council or survivor levels. Mobile may not be the right genre for you.
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  • Loopyloogrrr
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    It may take more time but there is little game play. These games are designed to never have an end game. As long as its making money it will keep going. Yet I would never put this game on the same level as breath of the wild. Skyrim. Hell even call of duty.

    Bare in mind we are grinding the same missions over and over. So in reality your playing 200 hours plus of the same thing. In gaming you may get an open world game with 200 plus hours. But they are generally enriched worlds with endless ways to progress. I will never put mobile gaming on par with that!
  • pradi
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    @Loopyloogrrr I agree with your points you have mentioned. You are right. There is no end gamers in this game. We have to grind forever until NG will be the #1 game designer in the world. In the last 2 months I saw soo many good players quit the game. But nothing will be change on the game. That is the truth.

    We will really miss you buddy. Even you was with us short time, you are a really great player and we are sad about you are quit the game. Good luck to you my friend!!!!! Enjoy console games :smile:
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