General helpfulness for all!

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Hi all Walker killers! IDDWR (If Daryl Dies We Riot) is a full guild. But that doesnt mean we won't help other players & communities! All are welcome to stop by for all kinds of great things! We are a Fun, helpful, and laid back place. Our Facebook page has a ton of albums such as...

#1 Current Update Information & What to screen shot incase of a game loss
#2 Details on all current heros
#3 Extensive weapons & armor information
#4 Links to the online reading of comics, game links, and more
#5 A new challenge album every week, and detailed note of what you're up against, and info to beat new challenges
#6 Funny album of TWD images & memes
And so much more!!

There is also a meet & greet note in notes section, come by and say hello! (Sometimes its pinned to top, but usually the weekly challenge note is pinned to top)

We help anyone who comes to our guild or follows our page . We care and we will help each other Rise Up against the Apolcalypse!!!
Please stop on by, leave a like and follow, and chat away!
We are always around, if you have a question, please dont be shy!!
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