Outpost Raid Points Being Lost

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Any points that I gain from defeating the enemy in outpost raids are lost if I don't reach the top-level point range for that particular cycle. This has occurred the last three or four cycles for me. I don't recall this happening in earlier updates of the game. For example, this last cycle, I had gained over 700 points to reach level 6000; because I fell short when the cycle ended, all of those points were lost, and it bumped me back to 5000. This does not seem right to me, as a lot of time and effort go into defeats. Is this a known bug or issue encountered by other players? Please advise.


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    Click on your outpost tab, then the "rounds" tab and it will show you that certain tiers will reset at the end of each cycle.

  • I_Am_Psycho
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    As described and shown by @SCBMA, it would also reset to 5.2k at start of the new cycle if you did get above 6k anyway.
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    @jbwoolie you must have been below 5000 in the past in which case the outpost influence points don't reset which is why you didn't realize that this could happen
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