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在新版的關卡任務中, 是以平行於當前關卡(挑戰關卡/哨所/資源關/主線劇情)所進行的馬拉松關卡

為一連串的關卡所組成, 中間可能包含終極關卡, 打敗終極頭目或是完成達成特殊條件即可過關領取特別獎勵

首先生存者的永久死亡在官方推出的最後一刻取消了, 改成傷害會帶到下一等級的關卡(有點像格鬥遊戲中人物受傷可以繼續於下一關作戰);

而陣亡的生存者並不能繼續在無盡關卡使用, 你必須換上健康的身存者; 同樣的, 六星以上的生存者會增加關卡難度

直覺的戰略便是在無盡關卡的起始難度使用低星生存者, 隨者關卡難度的提升再換上最強的陣容; 擁有越多的生存者可以讓你走得更遠. 另外Tara也終於有用了....

平行的意思是你可以在一般模式中進行當前版本的關卡任務, 同時間你也可以打新版的無盡關卡

在無盡關卡受傷的傷並不會影響在一般模式的關卡; 也就是說兩個模式是不會互相影響的


無盡關卡的後期難度將會非常困難, 得到的獎勵也會大於一般模式中掉落的物品; 進行到越後期, 獎勵便越豐富



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    Couldn't have said it better myself!
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    Get right on that @Fearofabotplanet !
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    Working as intended
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    Just translated it


    In the new level of the task, is parallel to the current level (challenge level / post / resource off / main plot) conducted by the marathon level

    For a series of hurdles, the middle may contain the ultimate level, beat the ultimate leader or complete the special conditions can be completed to receive special reward

    First the permanent death of the survivors is canceled at the last moment of the official launch, and the damage will be brought to the next level of the hurdle (a bit like a fighting game where the characters are injured and can continue to operate at the next level);

    And the survivors of the death can not continue to use in the endless level, you must put on a healthy survivor; the same, six or more survivors will increase the difficulty of the level

    Intuitive strategy is the difficulty of using the endless level of the use of low star survivors, with the difficulty of upgrading the level and then put on the strongest lineup; with more survivors can let you go further

    Parallel means that you can in the normal mode of the current version of the level of the task, at the same time you can also play a new version of the endless level

    In the endless hurdle injury will not affect the general pattern of the level; that is to say that the two models will not affect each other


    The difficulty of the late hurdle will be very difficult, the reward will be greater than the general pattern of items falling; to the late, the more rich the reward

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    <3 <3 The more you know!