[Analysis] Marksman, Strong, Lethal: The actual impact

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Sorry I can't put the data on the forum, but it's too long of a message to be put into a post. What I have done is:
1. Break down what % of the Overall Damage Rating comes from the Survivor, and what % comes from the gear for each class.
2. Broke down exactly how much actual damage Marksman/Strong/Lethal do against different levels of walkers. I only did this for Level 22 Survivors (5/6/7/8 stars) with Level 25 Legendary Gear. As you can see if you check it out, it would just be too many permutations to post and not be a bit overwhelming.

Here's a little preview:

This shows the % of Total Damage Rating that comes from the Survivor and the gear.
**If you want to see how much total impact 15% Marksman has on a Legendary Hunter:
multiply the Marksman% and the Survivor%. So, (.15)*(.404) = .0605 or 6.1% (rounded up). That means that 15% Marksman on a Legendary Level 22 Hunter with a Level 25 Legendary Weapon increases the Total Damage Rating of a Survivor by 6.1%
**For Lethal: take the value of Lethal (as a decimal) then multiply that by the Weapon % (as a decimal).
Example: a 7 Star Scout with 10% Lethal = (.1)*(.621) = 6.21% Total Damage Rating Increase.

The Survivor Breakdowns look like this:

There is more of an explanation on the page, but using this example, 15% Marksman on a level 22 Legendary Assault takes away 3.1% to 5.7% of a Level 25 Walkers total Health on a Normal Attack.

I hope you check it out if the subject interests you. Let me know what you think. Are you a "Marksman/Strong" is a MUST HAVE Trait person? What about Lethal? Are you still? Were you not, and now you are?


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    I think I am over-permutated! :D
  • SmittySpivey3
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    So you seem to be presenting that the 6% ish increase is overrated? I guess I fall for the higher number I see on survivor damage or hit strength over the lower number with no strong trajt for example. I need to get some screen shots.
  • OneLessTitan
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    @SmittySpivey3 - I'm not saying it's overrated, but it's my personal belief that it's not a "must have" trait. Don't get me wrong, the extra damage is nice, but I can live without it.
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    Without the numbers I came to the same conclusion a few months ago with the weapon trait at least, even though I'm sure marksman is the same way I still favour it
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    @OneLessTitan , dude, this is some more awesome work!
    You should be hired to include the visualization of all numbers in the game or paid to doublecheck the results when said visualization makes it into the game.
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    Didn't know it was this little :p...

    It's a logical result from the way damage increase per lvl.
    (Weapon vs survivor).

    The higher your survivor lvl, the more useless marksman/strong becomes. And the more usefull lethal becomes.

    If NG follow this route. Eventualy your survivor damage will not matter anymore, Only the weapons damage.
    Same goes for health btw, luckily there's no health boost on survivors.

    Didn't know it was this bad already.
    Scrapping lethal/strong from my must have list.

    Ps. These stats would look very different on low lvl survivors!
  • jimmorrison369
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    Without the numbers I came to the same conclusion a few months ago with the weapon trait at least, even though I'm sure marksman is the same way I still favour it

    The thing is, the one on the weapon is much better than the one on your survivor. (For high lvl survivors)
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    @OneLessTitan First, thanks for all the work on this. It's interesting to see how much (little?) these traits make. Certainly, I can rethink my trait strategy.

    I'm not conviced I need to scrap pinkies at this point. Gear is a consideration, weighed heavily in my mind. Also, the combination of Leathal/Strong/Marksman stacked can be more than 12%, up to 18%, extra damage depending on class (if I'm reading this right). It seems to me that Ruthless and Vigilant make this boost even greater.

    I've long been a proponant of each trait having a purpose and try to balance weapons and gear with a mix so I can swap as circumstances warrant it. However, this info is super useful as a tool to help refine choices.

    Thanks again!


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    @Akartiki -- definitely don't scrap pinkies with marksman!! Plenty of my pink survivors have Marksman on them and they aren't going anywhere!

    @jimmorrison369 - you are absolutely correct in your belief that Marksman has more impact on the Overall Damage Rating for lower level survivors. I'll just show it for 5* Hunters below, but the survivor/gear scaling is the same for all survivor classes.

    2nd column is legendary hunter rating for the survivor level
    3rd column is legendary hunter rifle rating (max useable level for the survivor level)
    4/5 column is the % of Overall Damage Rating for Survivor/Weapon
    6/7 column is the % increase in damage for each level of survivor/weapon

    Basically, the % of the Overall Damage Rating attributed to the Survivor decreases every time you level up your Survivor (and equip them with the max level Legendary gear). However, the impact of Marksman/Strong stays flat after Level 20 Survivors...This was one of NGs responses to incentivize us to level up our survivors; part of the Survivor (and Walker) buff of a few months back. As of level 20, survivors and gear increase in % of damage gained at basically the same percentage, so we will see if anything changes in the future, or if the scaling will be constant.
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    Amazing work @OneLessTitan
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    At last somebody posted that. Now I can just share the link next time somebody doesn't believe me that +15% Marksman is actually +6%.
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    @PR0DJ , now if only you could find a way to explain it to your math challenged friends. :#
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