Who is the best hero and why do you use them?

I personally use Abraham and The Governor. Because this is a game of "Stuff". I like The Governor because he increases the amount of stuff you can get which raises the bar on the American dream which is what "no man's land" is to me. As far as Abraham goes, i use him when I go hard so that all of my hunters can blow through the crowd allowing me to get in and out without issue, which also allows me to get more stuff faster and raises the bar on my no man's dream.

I know that many of you have different playing styles, mine is basically to accumulate the best things.. Yours may be to "just survive somehow" or to slice and dice your way through the crowd.. This all begs the question survivors , "who do you use and why"?

How is your team arranged for outpost and how is it arranged for a scav mission? Who is your favorite hero and what do they bring to your playing style ? Let's put our minds together


  • hunter_x
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    I only have Darryl, I've use it every time
  • Mabiki
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    Heroes: Gov if I'm speed farming for missipn crate rewards, Maggie if farming kills for XP, Glenn for food scavenge and outpost runs. Others like Jesus, Abe, Carol for boosts on certain challenge missions.

    Ranged teams for scavenge misions.

    Outpost defense is Rosita with a bruiser and shooter. Outpost attack I use a scout, bruiser and shooter.
  • killzreality
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    @Mabiki , I understand the outpost. But why do you use those classes? When I do outpost, I use Rosita and two shooters (or bruisers if my shooters are healing). I basically stun everyone with Rosita and then because the shooters both have an instant critical, finish the job.
    My defenders are two shooters with revenge, iron skin and marksman and an armored bruiser guarding the door. Both of my shooters attack anyone that hits the bruiser and then all three get a shot after. By the time the bruiser is dead, typically two of them are as well which gives me a two-1 advantage and I win almost every single time on the defense.

    @hunter_x , Daryl, what rarity?
  • Pig
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    @killzreality I bet @Mabiki takes a scout so he has the option to grab the tg and run if he wants. Similarly, I take a scout and two shooters. If the defender has let me get the tg, I take them and leave peacefully. If not, my charged shooters more often than not can punish them for their lack of hospitality.

    I don't like to rely on stun when raiding, since you then have little option left if the enemy has stun resistance. So I don't usually take bruiser or assault.

    My defenders are total losers that anyone could kill with any raiding team. I can't even remember what classes they are.

    Regarding heroes, on the rare occasions when I scavenge at all, I might take Maggie or Governor if I can be bothered swapping good gear to them.

    I regularly use Abraham and Jesus for their damage/health bonuses. Sometimes I take Dwight with a ranged team for extra damage against humans or special zombies. Sometimes I take Sasha paired with two assaults, if I want to be able to stun large groups of high level walkers.

    I rarely use Rosita or Rufus, but there are cases where their special abilities are useful.

    That's about it for me. I think the hero I use most is probably Abraham.
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  • Mabiki
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    I use Rosita on defense for wide spread and the single target attack bonus, then two survivors who only attack single targets to take advantage - a bruiser for stun chance and shooter for high ranged damage.

    For attack, I pick my classes for a couple reasons. Each requires only 2 kills to get fully charged, so everyone can charge even with a minimum 6 walkers on defense. Scout to grab TG and run if I want, and specifically Glenn to get some supplies with my TG. Scouts also have high attack damage and swift strike and/or interrupt if I'm attacking. Bruiser can stun and act as a shield to take hits, and shooter gets 2 attacks in 1 turn when charged and can kill hunters and assaults without getting in their range with gold high-powered weapon.
  • Wiushi
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    I love to win at the outpost (I don't know what TG means). I kill all defenders before going for the gold. Usually use Darrel because his charged shot with the 5 caliber bow packs a disabling shot. Not worried if one gets killed because I play at the end of my sets and they heal overnight Two powerful bruisers either stun or kill. One Bruiser has a punish trait that gives defender a second hit just before he is engaged again. I can't use Governor yet because it is hard to get stars for Assult leaders. I don't have any leaders on my defense and loose occasionally with points off. I'm @3886 going for 4000 and hate to loose points.